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11 Mar

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Hot Markets Need a Pre-Listing Inspection

Many home buyers are hesitant to put forward their best offer when they know their bid won’t be accepted if it includes the condition of a home inspection. Sometimes buyers will have the home inspection completed AFTER the deal has been accepted, but, they may not have put their best offer forward, knowing that a home inspection might reveal significant issues that they would have to deal with. Other potential buyers may stay away because they do not want to purchase a house without having a home inspection.

When the market is a bit cooler and homes sit on the market longer, home buyers are often able to have their offer accepted with the condition of a home inspection. However, this can lead to:

  • stressful last minute negotiations 
  • buyers remorse after finding out their perfect home has a flaw after agreeing upon a price
  • and worst case scenario, the deal falling through

All of these issues can be avoided with a pre-listing, or seller’s home inspection. This allows buyers to put forth their best offer confidently, while getting the sellers the most money for their property. 

Find out what condition your home is in

One of the biggest fears of most home sellers is that when a buyer has a condition of a home inspection, something will be discovered that kills the deal. This concern is justified. The home inspection is often the point where sales fall apart.

But as the seller, you shouldn’t wait for the buyer’s inspection. You can have your own pre-listing inspection done and get ahead of any issues before listing the property for sale. 

By having a home inspection before hitting the market, you’ll find out the exact condition of your home.

Price the home accurately

Choosing an accurate price for your home is probably the most challenging part of the home sales process. You don’t want it to be so high that the buyers stay away, or too low that it sells for under market value. 

Minimize stress

Selling your home is a stressful time and hiring a professional home inspector to check out your house can help minimize your anxiety by informing you if something may or may not need to be fixed. A pre-listing inspection will let you know either way. 

By getting the inspection done, you can feel much more confident about your home’s current condition. 

Repair outstanding issues or not 

There are a couple of approaches that you can take. One is to repair any major issues if found, or you can adjust the price accordingly and allow the buyers to correct the issue.

Less likelihood of negotiations

Quite often, there are price negotiations after a buyers inspection. This isn’t ideal as the seller doesn’t want to renegotiate and give up money. The buyer doesn’t want to buy a house that they just found out may cost thousands in necessary repairs.

Improve the buyer’s confidence

Buyers naturally are skeptical about a home’s condition until a home inspection is completed. If a buyer suspects that the house might have hidden problems, the offer he or she makes could reflect that. An inspection done before listing for sale can help eliminate much of the doubt about the home. 

Anytime you can hand a potential buyer a professional inspection report that details the present condition of a home, you’re probably going to make them feel more confident about the purchase. 

Knowing that a professional has already looked over the home carefully allows the buyer to make a confident offer. 


The goal of a professional pre-listing home inspection is to educate both parties on the condition of the home. Call us today or book online to schedule your pre-listing inspection.

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