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Mold Testing and Inspection

Are you concerned about Mold in your home?

Find out if mould is growing in your home with air samples, surface samples or a full Mould Inspection. All of the samples taken in your home are sent to a laboratory for analysis and you will receive a report stating the types of mold found and the quantities of the molds. This helps us determine whether or not you have a mold problem.

Don’t let mold destroy your home or compromise your health!

Air Samples (with lab report)

Typically when it comes to air samples. Three samples are taken, a minimum of one should come from the outside. The indoor samples should come from the area of concern inside the building or the most commonly used area. Three air samples is a minimum but we can take as many as you like. Some clients prefer to have each room sampled, as each area can vary greatly. 

Mould spores are everywhere in nature and comparing the inside and outside samples gives us a baseline. If mould spores are found inside the home that aren’t found outside or they are in much higher numbers. There may be mould growing in the home.

Surface Samples (with lab report)

Different types of mould can vary in colour and look. It is beneficial to know what kind of mold is growing. Some are more harmful than others like Stachybotrys or Chaetomium, which most people refer to as “toxic black molds”. A surface sample will come with a report from the lab stating the type of mold present and the level of contamination. 

Regardless of the genus, indoor mold growth is undesirable and should be remediated.

Full Mold Inspection (with lab report)

During a full mold inspection, we will scan the house (or just a specific area of concern) with a moisture meter and thermal (infrared) camera for any signs of moisture or water leaks, these will eventually lead to mold growth if left unrepaired. Any visible signs of mold growth will be noted in our inspection report and a surface sample can be taken. 

Three air samples are also included during a full mold inspection and of course if you are concerned about more areas in your home. We can take more if needed. 

You will receive a lab report stating the types and quantities of mold present and our summary as to whether or not the air quality has been impacted by mold growth. Our mould inspection report will also be included and note any conditions favorable to mold growth.



Air sampling for mould

  • Air sampling (3) $313 (+$50 for each additional sample)
  • Air sampling add-on during home inspection $263 (+$50 for each additional sample)

Surface sampling for mould

  • Surface sample $313 for 3 samples (+$50 for each additional sample)
  • Surface sample add-on during home inspection $263 for one sample (+$50 for each additional sample)

Full Mould Inspection

  • Condo starting at $413
  • House starting at $513

Samples are sent to a third party testing laboratory and lab reports are delivered within 2 business days. Faster lab reports available (rush service fees will apply).

CastleTech Inspections is unbiased towards the results and will simply report our findings, we do not remediate or remove. Our goal is to educate you.  Call today to Book!


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